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Foundations of Civic Leadership

For more than a decade, Leadership Eastside has produced hundreds of graduates from our multi-year, flagship Leadership Development Program. In 2018, in partnership with Saybrook University, LE began conveying a Certification in Adaptive Community Leadership to these graduates to recognize the academic rigor and difficulty of completing this regional community leadership intensive.

For people early in their leadership experience and/or who want to focus their learning and relationships in their local community, LE has launched Foundations for Civic Leadership. These courses are contained within a single academic year, are developed and delivered in partnership with local business leadership and city government, are organized around city-level issues, and build the foundational skills necessary for leading a community for the greater good.

Each of the day-long sessions combines understanding of local business and government perspectives of civic issues with leadership development organized around LE’s Core Beliefs and Values.

LE Believes Everyone Deserves to Thrive.

Effective community leaders value genuine human connection and authentic relationships in order to drive lasting and sustainable impact. In this course you will learn how to connect and collaborate with civic and business leaders to achieve positive change through continuous learning and innovation.  Discover new strategies that invite people to show up and be willing to engage in difficult work in ways they can continue to thrive. 

LE Believes Collaboration Transcends Silos and Narrow Interests.

Participants in Foundations for Civic Leadership learn to engage in ways that are best for the whole, finding solutions that create and reinforce shared responsibility for deliverables. Sometimes even long-time leaders shy away from conflict in collaboration; frequently because they don't have the skills to continue to effectively engage in the face of differences of perspective.  In this program, you will learn practices to successfully “show up” while navigating conflicting and competing perspectives that lead to courageous collaborations. 

LE Believes The People Affected by an Issue Should be Involved in their Solutions.

One of our greatest challenges when engaging in projects that impact a broad group of people is intentionally seeking out and including voices that are not easy to find. In this course, you will learn how to engage people and perspective that aren't typically considered when looking for a solution.  To discover solutions that benefit all people while considering how to disrupt unintended loses, we must learn to acknowledge people’s diverse experiences. This course will provide critical, real-life opportunities to learn to better engage people of different cultures and beliefs.

Completing this program will give participants a working understanding of how civic, non-profit, and government organizations work together to create community. You will meet, learn from, and network with leaders from the city, including elected and appointed leadership, and local business leaders who are helping shape the community’s future. All in the context of learning skills that are at the foundation of great civic leadership.

Transform yourself from a concerned citizen into a civic leader capable of mobilizing people to collaborate on critical issues impacting your community and thrive.

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